Safety First! Know Your Driver's Employment Requirements

Safety First! Know Your Driver’s Employment Requirements

At Corporate Limousines of Texas, our drivers undergo a series of checks and training programs to ensure they are always focusing on safety while they are out on the road. Here are some of the requirements to become a driver at Corporate Limousines:


Individuals who wish to acquire a chauffeur’s license in the City of Houston must apply for a license with Houston’s Administration & Regulatory Affairs Department (1002 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77002). Always ensure that any driver you chose has a valid and legal license to operate within the City of Houston as a chauffeur.

Fingerprinting & Warrant and Background Checks

The City of Houston requires all applicants to obtain a Fingerprinting Packet and schedule an appointment. Fingerprinting allows the City of Houston to ensure that the driver has no outstanding warrants or has previously operated under a different name. Because these drivers must have access to different airports in the area, this step is essential to uphold Homeland security.

Insurance Approval

In order to ensure all of our drivers can work for Corporate Limousines, they must also be approved by our insurance company. Only drivers over 24 years of age with a clean driving record can be considered for a chauffeur position.

Grooming Standards

As some clients are painfully aware, not all drivers-for-hire show up professionally or appropriately dressed for a pickup or special occasion. Corporate Limousines drivers are always required to be well-groomed and conservatively dressed in a clean, crisply pressed black suit with a matching tie. This ensures that no matter what client enters the vehicle or what occasion our driver is needed for, they will always be appropriately dressed.

Our Training Programs

At Corporate Limousines, we have three different training programs in place to ensure that our drivers are competent, professional and focused on safety before they ever see a client.

Safety Training: Before any vehicle leaves our lot, our drivers are required to inspect the vehicle to ensure cleanliness and safety. All seats and floorboards must be wiped down and vacuumed out. Tire pressure and wear, windshield wiper blades and all fluid levels must be checked in order to ensure the vehicle is operating safely. Drivers are also trained on how to report and document any accidents that occur.

Paperwork Training: Integrity means a lot at Corporate Limousines. All of our drivers are trained to accurately report arrival times for their passengers, track flights and track the duration of their trips. All of these times are also supported by each vehicle’s GPS. GPS allows us to track each driver’s whereabouts and it also tracks every vehicles current speed.

Field Training: It is integral that our drivers know where to stand and how to greet clients whenever they arrive at the airports or other pickup destinations. Drivers are also trained in how to map addresses and find alternative routes in case of traffic accidents or inclement weather. After extensive comprehensive exams, field training will eventually include ride-alongs with the new driver as both the observer and the Chaucer to ensure all procedures are in place for interacting with clients.

With so many different ride-share programs available in the City of Houston and all over the country, it is so important to know the backgrounds and employment requirements of those drivers before you choose to ride with them. Here at Corporate Limousines, the requirements to become a driver may be strict, but we believe that above all else, the safety of our client comes first. Choose safety. Choose Corporate Limousines of Texas.


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